Friday, September 6, 2013


The days are days of happening. Life happening. In Colorado.

The days pass quickly, but sweetly. Each day a day of its own... full of challenges, excitement, laughter, joy, and endless happenings.

The Lord speaks slowly and delicately in the happenings: This, my daughter, is where you are supposed to be. It is here that I want to tell you, "I love you" and it is here that I will be your refuge. 

The sweet whisper of the Lord comes in moments and glimpses, shimmers of hope and delight and joy.

It's in the moments of...

... early morning conversations over coffee with all of the girls

... home cooked family dinner every evening at a table set for ten

... finding hope in the Lord's grace during these times of transition

... playing in waterfalls and climbing over rocks

... handpicked flowers delivered in mason jars from the lovely maintenance gents

... coffee shop sitting and dwelling

... exploration of small towns and hidden ice cream shops 

... cleaning of five entire dorms with new friends and taylor swift blasting

... serving 500 leaders from the colorado front range region

... moving bunk beds with the girls just to say we could 

... learning the ins and outs of retail

... french press coffee in the cutest french press a girl could ask for

... devotionals with all of the crooked creek staff

... home smoked ribs that will make your mouth water for days

... late night pillow talk with the roomie, chloe 

... interpretative dancing any time music is on

... fits of hysterical laughter anytime we are all together

... sore muscles, exhaustion, and blistered feet from a long day of work

... rainbows whispering of the Lord's faithfulness 

the days playing at adam's falls

playing together


family dinner... way to go sierra, getting in the picture twice 

making my heart happy

In the Lord's perfect timing and provision the days are happening. I came to Colorado with a list of worries a mile long and over ten reasons why I should really just stay in North Carolina, but since the moment I have been here the Lord is whispering sweetly: My daughter this is where you are supposed to be. Of that I am sure in the little daily life happenings and in that I will rest. 

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