I believe being grateful changes things. 


710. Whole 30 endurance. 

709. Ladies night in the valley- dinner & a movie, simple but delightful.

708. Sleeeeeeeep.

707. Moscow mules.

706. Murder mystery new year's eve in the vortex valley.

705. Winter. Winter. Winter.

704. Chips, queso, and margs from Lime. 

703. Sierra is back in the valley. This place just makes more sense with her here.

702. Starting this again. Because I need it. Let's all be grateful. 

701. Randomly booking flights to NC with Kristin because it's just needed for the soul. 

700. Hannah, my second session tawashi boss, and my new life-long friend. 

699. Even after a few months, this space feels like home. 

698. Video intern training at CCR and meeting our summer intern friend.

697. New friends from other camps.

696. Woodleaf Intern Work Week.

695. Long train rides spent in the viewing cart soaking in the Lord's marvelous creation.

694. Sleepovers at Alison's house.

693. Time with Betsy. 

692. Walks down the paved path in Fraser.

691. Unexpected chances to talk to the bestie. 

690. Guest Services team at CCR. Good for random dance parties, funny conversations, wrestling matches in the dining hall, and lots of laughter. 

689. Bean boots are the new mud season shoe. 

688. Sunshine warmth on my skin.

687. A new Bible and a new Bible reading plan that's goal is being saturated in the Word.

686. Cranium. 

685. Kristin has been working full-time at CCR for one whole year. Praise the Lord for her in my life and our friendship.

684. Spring crafts that bring hope for summer amidst all the snow.

683. Taught myself how to do my taxes. Thank you, Jesus, for supportive friends and a few choice words.

682. Homemade chocolate chip cookies... tis' good for the soul. 

681. Walks from Fraser to Winter Park with Kristin for Rise & Shine breakfast.

680. March snow showers that remind you that Jesus' mercies are new each and every morning.

679. Showing Sierra Chapel Hill... Colorado bestie in my absolute favorite place. 

678. All of McMansion back together again for a weekend at the beach. 

676. March Madness. So much dang madness. 

675. Spring break escape to Sharp Top and best friend time. 

674. Breaks that signify time for personal breathing.

673. Play dates in Grand Lake with Mary. We walked on the frozen over lake... southern girls are getting adventurous. 

672. Americanos. My jam. 

671. Snowy wind tunnels that cause fits of giggling and screaming. Really though, they're aggressive. 

670. Dance parties to Timber with Chloe every single chance that we get.

669. A well set table.

668. Decorating a house to make it feel like a home.

667. Knowing that when I leave NC, I return to CO and to some of the most wonderful people I've come to know in this life of mine.

666. Coffee dates abounds when I make it home. 

665. McMansion reunion. Can you say best. thing. ever? 

664. A plane ticket with my name and North Carolina as the destination. 

663. Boots with traction, tryna' get around these icy places.

662. Deep cleaning... buildings and of the soul. 

661. Grand County Young Life Christmas party.

660. Visits with the Archambault family. 

659. I live 15 minutes from Winter Park ski resort... HOLY SMOKES! Play time upon play time.

658. Grand Lake.

657. Cutting down a Christmas tree in the forest... three to the precise.

656. Twinkle lights. Yes, I am thankful for this each and every single time I see them.

655. Black Friday shopping with the interns, nothing like a little excitement on Thanksgiving day. 

654. Sweet potato casserole... yummy!

653. Some days the roomie begins to feel like the sister and it is good.

652. Phone dates with the best friend. Georgia to Colorado, why you gotta be so far?

651. First chair party with outdoor movie, s'mores, and sweet friends.

650. Sierra coming to fold laundry with me while I was flying solo in the washboard. 

649. Kelly Cooper in Colorado. Best thing since sliced bread, people. 

648. Authentic conversations shared over a dinner table with three of the closest friends.

647. Snow camp with Grand County Young Life... 47 campers and leaders. Say what?!?!

646. The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen. Holy smokes, the words that I so desperately have searched for and earned to write myself. 

645. Conversations held while shoveling SO MUCH snow.

644. Coffee dates with new friends.

643. Snow on snow on snow.

642. So much fun mail from some of the best of friends.

641. Staff retreat at Trail West and exploring Buena Vista.

640. Best friend phone call. 

639. Puzzle time with hot tea after playing in the snow. 

638. First snow angel of the winter season with Chloe.

637. That giggly feeling when waking up to see if there is snow outside. 

636. Friends leading worship at church. West of Buffalo, bout to explode. 

635. Roots. 

634. Homemade pumpkin scones. 

633. Catch up dates with some of the best people back in Chapel Hill. 

632. Oh hey, snow. You're all kinds of pretty and delightful. 

631. Extra large sweatshirts. 

630. Cheerwine floats. South in a glass. Dat rightttttt. 

629. Trying on all our ski and boarding gear just because. 

628. Worshipping with the ladies for girl time. 

627. These girls.

626. Hiking and summiting Mt. Beyers. 

625. Spontaneous Lumineers concert at Red Rocks. Best. Decision. Ever. 

624. Building roots. 

623. Trips down to Boulder to visit Abby. 

622. Reassurance from the Lord that He loves me and that He is with me. 

621. BeLoved Durham Ministry. 

620. ainfa;lkdgh8ufbna;ldfjiand;vkajdf MACON IS ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED TO DANIEL JAMES a;difna;doign;alidnign;aldig;liadf 

619. Surprise package in the mail with new stationary.

618. Homemade chicken noodle soup. 

617. Thursdays: a day for staff devos and a day for fellowship with the interns [and the occasional day of housekeeping]. 

616. Afternoon thunderstorms. 

615. Little church in a small town with a big heart. 

614. Exploring Adam's Falls and Grand Lake, CO with nine new friends. 

613. Laughs on laughs on laughs with all of the interns all of the time.

612. All the interns, all together, in our new home (to us) for a meal. 

611. Exploring Denver and visiting some of my favorite places here. 

610. Anna making a U-Turn on I-70... desperate times call for desperate measures [don't try yourself]. 

609. "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign never looked so good. 

608. Playing on hay bails in Kansas. Kans[ass] is one long state... sorry for cussing, but seriouslllyyyy, so long. But we played on hay bails to make it fun. 

607. Kansas City: Keilen & BBQ.

606. Wonderful dinner with family in Missouri and a quiet basement to sleep in for the evening. 

605. Gateway to the West, y'all. Here we come!!!

604. Sleepover with the very bestest bestie in Newburgh, IN. 

603. Nashville: the place for a drink, a little country music, and some strolling along Broadway. 

602. And in my rear view mirror is Anna Wong driving behind me all the way to Colorado. Best friend, westward bound. 

601. All of my bags packed for Colorado fit in my car... and I can kind of see out of the windows. PRAISE!

600. Sydney coming to Greensboro for my last evening in North Carolina. 

599. Taking Austin to walk his schedule at the high school... baby bro all grown up.

598. Last night in Chapel Hill spent with the most wonderful teammates I could ever imagine. 

597. UNC College Life exploding with people and so many wonderful faces. 

596. Coffee on coffee on coffee with so many friends. 

595. Best start to my last day in Chapel Hill: breakfast with Georgia. Oh my gosh, she is going to be a senior in high school. Whattttt whattttttt. 

594. Could not stay away from Chapel Hill quite yet, playdates abound. 

593. Breakfast at Mimi's with my sweet momma... beginning the last Monday in North Carolina for a long while really well. 

592. Running errands with my momma to get ready for Colorado and getting all kinds of organized. 

591. Running into Sam at church, followed shortly by Johnson... and then also Johnson's minor freak out of excitement for me heading to Crooked Creek. 

590. Got Cole all moved into his dorm at Lenoir Rhyne. 

589. Baby Ayers is living in my room at the McMansion. I cannot imagine it going any other way. 

588. McMansion reunion weekend including Bali Hai, big cookie, and so much best friend time.

587. Hillary meets me at the Minneapolis airport and drops off her TWO snowboards for me to take to Colorado while she is at YWAM in Germany. Say what?! Love seeing her and maybe, just maybe, I'll learn to snowboard. 

586. "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love." -Albus Dumbledore. Best decision EVER to reread all the HP books this summer. 

585. Phone date with Bri. 

584. Middle school girls, dressed up like divas, singing Taylor Swift karaoke. Thank you, WyldLife camp. 

583. Deuteronomy 7:6-9. Read it. Now. Like right now. Seriously. Do it. 

582. Downloading Viber and getting to text Megan all the way in Cambodia (and all over the world as she embarks on the World Race). 

581. Making so many Colorado connections; already thankful for all of the people that I will get to know there. 

580. Office sitting with new friends in a new office. 

579. Castaway sunsets: the shades of perfection and beauty beyond compare. 

578. Zorbaz... a Minnesotan must-have. 

577. Welcomed by parasailing and a room in the Adult Guest Lodge. I could get use to this. 

576. Last minute trip to Castaway. Thankful for the ability to say "yes" with little notice and to help where I can. 

575. Flying above the clouds, all kind of whimsy. 

574. Still have the seventh Harry Potter book to read while flying all day. Planes, you have nothing on me and HP. 

573. Psalm 37. Psalm 37. Psalm 37. On repeat.

572. All ski and snowboarding apparel 50% off... I can handle that. 

571. Colorado celebration lunch with Sam. 

570. Anna & Sam will both be year-longs at Trail West this coming year... PRAISE. Colorado, we're coming for ya!

569. Listening to "I Want Crazy" on repeat while driving down the highway. I don't want easy, I want crazy. Let's be crazy. 

568. New journal... this is a real big deal and a real big commitment. 

567. Poolside conversations with Amanda. 

566. Sweet conversations at Weaver Street with friends.

565. Dancing to the wobble at the wedding. 

564. Wedding on a farm, yes please. Watching an old YL teammate walk down the aisle, yes please. Reunited with other old teammates, yes please. 

563. Tubing with all of the little cousin kiddos. 

562. Evening boat rides to town to get ice cream. 

561. Laying out and reading Harry Potter like it's my job. 

560. Twin nine-month old boys, y'all stole my heart and dancing with you makes me smile big time. 

559. Hanging out with the most beautiful little cousins, all under the age of five. Thank you for showing me a little bit about child-like faith. 

558. Family visiting from Missouri... hi y'all. 

557. At the lake house for an entire 10 days. Ummm... okay. Best. Ever. Here's to mornings on the porch surrounded by the most beautiful view. 

556. Birthday phone messages. 

555. 22.

554. Random phone calls from the best friend. 

553. Lake life.

552. Having the freedom to say "yes" to random, last minute requests. 

551. Catch up dates with baby Ayers. Come home to me soon please. 

550. Pit stop at the capital city on the way home. Hello, Mr. President. 

549. Minor league baseball game with friends at Coca-Cola park. Coke, not Pepsi. 

548. Exposed brick and high ceilings. 

547. Exploring Philadelphia and all of the history that is there... the Liberty Bell and where the Founding Fathers of the United States of America stood and declared independence... ahhh-freakinggg-mazinggg. 

546. Coffee and a donut at 3am for fuel to continue onward for the 3:00am arrival time in Bethlehem, PA.

545. Road trip to Pennsylvania with 2 of my best friends from high school.

544. Packing for weekend trips. 

543. Sweet and slow mornings. 

542. Crafting with the little broski. Oh yea, and his hair is cut like Mackelmore's. Feelin' like a pop star. 

541. Harry Potter on Harry Potter on Harry Potter. So much reading. So in love. 

540. Remembering the McMansion moments that had be laying on the floor in tears from laughter. 

539. Phone catch up dates with Bri. 

538. Exploring an old town with a new friend. 

537. New comforter. 

536. Reunion coffee date with Hunter & Melissa. I can hardly believe they're going to be seniors in high school soon.

534. Summer fellowship with the Chapel Hill community and studying Proverbs together. 

533. Latte at Open Eye, it feels like home to me. 

532. Reunited with Jen, Jess, and Sarah. Half of the McMansion comes together. 

531. A friend beginning a ministry in strip clubs. O let the Lord's light be shown in even the darkest of places. 

530. Sleep over with Macon and time spent in Durham with her. 

529. Back to the Triangle. 

528. Bye-bye Lenovo computer, it's been real. 

527. Snow boots and hiking boots, yea, Colorado feet. 

526. Winter Park season ski pass purchased. Holy smokes. This is happening. 

525. Random night with random new friends who love Jesus a lot and who have lives completely intertwined with mine. 

524. Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro. 

523. Austin requesting we watch Pitch Perfect the moment that I get home. 

522. A 9 hour car ride alone in order to process the past month and all that the Lord has done in my heart. 

521. Time spent with the Stephens' family. 

520. Having a best friend who is absolutely passionate about her high school friends. 

519. Living the Ft. Wayne life with Amanda.

518. Solo trips in Fonda bringing peace and time to breathe. 

517. Knowing that when I say bye to Karlie that the next time I say hello it will be in Denver, CO. 

516. Vineyards in Leelenau near Traverse City. 

515. Best reunion ever at Timber Wolf. Oh em gee. I love my friends. 

514. Ending a month at Michindoh feeling like a college student again: staying up way too late, with friends, laughing about random stories, and going on all sorts of adventures.

513. Night of cheers with the Michindoh camp staff team, thankful for our month together, our nights of laughter, and the ways that the Lord has shown up.

512. Strangers buying other strangers coffee.

511. Jewelry made in Rwanda, best gift ever.

510. "You take God's breath away." 

509. 94 towels miraculously gathered for 94 babies, exactly. Praise God. 

508. Visit from Jodi the snake to Michindoh and a last minute sleepover. 

507. Isaiah 60:1-4.

506. Welcoming teen moms and their delightful babies to Michindoh. God, You amaze me. 

505. Surprise mail from new friends and future intern at CCR.

504. Painted coffee mug DONE, monogrammed and all. 

503. Camp escape to The Udder Side with Kar, Ry, and Corinne... best Michindoh team ever.

502. YoungLives ministry begins now. Time to unpack all the baby things that you can imagine, let's gooooooo. 

501. Spontaneous visit from Rob to camp and singing "Korea" with some of the best people ever.

500. And all things are possible with the Lord. 

499. Phone call from Kelly Cooper... it's a good feeling to see her name on my phone, it's been a long long time since that was possible. 

498. Old bookstores covered in dust and pages upon pages of books and magazines.

497. Learning how to use an old record player. 

496. Old, dusty wooden floors that hold many memories and stories.

495. Found 11 wonderful old Reader's Digests in Salvation Army... new journals, here we come. 

494. Morning of relaxation with Corinne and Karlie... coffee and pedicures, yes, please. 

493. On the Fraser, CO internet page there is a tab called "Get my own penguin." I like that. 

492. Getting ready to purchase a season pass to Winter Park Ski Resort... umm... okay?? yea.

491. Blessing of the ability to create by our Creator. 

490. "Breaking Free" Bible study ordered and received from mail man. 

489. Hoping alongside Karlie that at the end of our adventure along the path that we would find a castle... (we didn't, but we did find some pretty yellow flowers and a road, sooo... close.)

488. Exploring small towns and finding of the all the hidden gems in parks with waterfalls, docks, and so many other things.

487. Jilly Beans stays open until 8PM on Friday nights... hallaPRAISE for something to do and a secret garden with twinkle lights.

486. Gettin' crafty with Crystal and learning to make and bind my own journal... needle, thread, leather, glue, and all. 

485. Clean laundry.

484. Assigned team spouses. 

483. Morning coffee dates with Christina in the secret garden.

482. Same room as Karlie for a whole month is just a preview of the next year... what a joy. 

481. Unexpected laughs. 

480. Visit from Mr. Lee. 

479. York peppermint patties.... just delightful. 

478. Coffee with R-squared. 

477. Encouragement from unexpected blog readers and new friends.

476. Michindoh team scavenger hunt in Walmart and ice cream outing.

475. A day for creating while painting pottery with Karlie at Toasted Mud in downtown Hillsdale.

474. Delightful coffee date in the secret garden.

473. Fire side concert by the lake.

472. Exploring Hillsdale with Karlie and long sits on benches.

471. Bursting in laughter from the most perfect of comments from Mr. Brandsen. 

470. Smusz visiting Michindoh and ice cream trip with some of my favorite people: her, Kar, Corinne, & Christina. 

469. Assigned team ladies time: real talk, fancy cheese, and ginger ale, yeaaaaaaaa. 

468. Whispers from the Lord reminding me that I am not alone. 

467. Jumper cables when Rob's van battery dies, and Fonda who gave the van life again. 

466. The local barista graduated from UNC. Tar heels represent! 
465. Locals at a small town coffee shop, making friends one person at a time. 

464. Shopping at Wal-Mart with Rob and Ryan... beyond entertaining. 

463. Rob Leyder visiting us at Michindoh and all of the tears from laughter that ensued.

462. Mom blogs, yea, they're kinda real entertaining. 

461. Tervis tumbler. 

460. Mail.

459. East team picture beside my computer reminding me of the mission of Young Life and why I love what I do.

458. Truth spoken to my heart from Macon. 

457. Voice mails from baby Ayers making the time difference a little bearable.

455. Robert got a job in Charleston... YAY!!!! Robert and Erin living in the same town.

454. Swanky rental van rides. 

453. Reese's and Kit Kats surprise on the office desk.

452. Organized trip leaders, yea you make me realllllll thankful.

451. Secret garden behind a coffee shop?!?!?!?! That really exists!!! Love. Love. Love. 

450. Week 2 welcome. HERE WE GO.

449. Target office supplies: precious buckets, to-do lists, and bright yellow notepads.

448. Mr. Brandsen and Karlie... always making sure that there is coffee.

447. Admin AND retail... talk about never a boring moment.

446. Week one of campers hearing the gospel and finding life with the God of the universe.

445. Road trip down the mitten to arrive at MICHINDOH.

444. Fancy dinner with the YL Michindoh camp staff.

443. Katie Alley turns 22. No better time to set up a scavenger hunt with lots of gifts and end with breakfast at midnight while blasting Taylor Swift. 

442. Day to explore new places around Traverse City.

441. Karlie made it to Timber Wolf... commence living together for a month... and then for an entire year!!!

440. Hoop nose ring, feelin' edgy.

439. All of third floor McMansion has their nose pierced now... ROWDY FLO' FO LYFE.

438. Season opener to the Bachelorette. 

437. Michigan sunsets. 

436. Opportunity to watch the #twlk2k13 intern class grow together and get to learn about one another as the summer begins. 

435. Marie Catrib's for a scrumptious breakfast before Jen headed back to NC. 

434. Front porch sitting.

433. Back in the office at TWL for just a little bit to train Carrie, the office intern.

432. Sleeping Bear Dune + Traverse City... northern Michigan, you a good good place. 

431. Adult Guest Lodge livin'... and the livin' is good. 

430. Having the opportunity to show Jen Timber Wolf Lake, my home away from home. 

429. Art Institute of Chicago: so so so incredible. 

428. Bestie fo lyfe, Amanda, surprised me in Chicago... best sleep over ever. And yes, we realize we surprise one another a lot. 

427. White Sox game.

426. Exploring Chicago with Jen & Karlie... the bean & Navy Pier... ferris wheel, YES. 

425. Ian, the best hostess of Chicago. 

424. Swanky houses in Hinsdale, IL. 

423. Carmel, Indiana pitstop... T.C., Kendall, round-a-bout capital of America, good food, and tour.

422. Roadtrippin' from carolina to da midwest.

421. Chicken and dumplings.

420. Long, long, long coffee date with sweet Georgia. 

419. Merrit's for breakfast and the most wonderful coffee.

418. Incredible church service and healing.

417. Sleepover with Macon.

416. Sushi, twinkle lights, live music, and good friends.

415. Clean Fonda.

414. Eating lunch at school with Austin and my dad... middle school boys... sooo funny.

413. Truth spoken to my heart by the dearest Bri. 

412. The beginning of summer fellowship.

411. Skype date with Sydney while dining with Amanda and Nick.

410. Sweetest gift from Hannah... a thankful notebook and happiness project.

409. Visit with Max & Olivia.

408. Lunch with Paige & Katie-- best friends since we were eleven. 

407. Safe Haven. 

406. East girls lacrosse is heading to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.

405. New Mexican restaurant.

404. Playing "mom" for Marina, a sweet East junior whose parents are gone for the week. 

403. McMansion traveling journal... Leghhoo. 

402. Goodbye tears.

401. New coffee mug and most perfect camp watch from Georgia. 

400. Last night of shenanigans with the best of the bests. 

399. Steak house in Hillsborough, gem of a find. 

398. Mother's Day... sweet, sweet Karen.

397. GRADUATION. We did it!

396. All the McMansion families together for dinner at our house... so many people and so much fun conversation. 

395. The broskis coming to the McMansion for graduation celebration.

394. Reilly signing with Belmont Abbey to play lacrosse.

393. Watching Jen graduate from the Accounting Program of the Business School. 

392. Wilson's pick-up truck at 11:00pm to take 11 bags of trash, 2 microwaves, 1 chair, 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 whiteboard, 8 pacman costumes, and so much more to the dumpster.

391. Ruthless attitude towards moving out... decluttering and getting rid of things we simply do not need.

390. Being rescued from the moving out madness by Wilson and Baby Ayers to go to Maple View.

389. The broskis coming to Chapel Hill to move out the beginnings of my McMansion life.

388. The Great Gatsby premiere. 

387. Best friend duos... Totz & Bri + Jen & I. 

386. Accountability from Amanda.

385. Dinner with Macon & getting to meet her new boyfriend... so. fantastic.

384. Bri's 21st birthday... thankful for her 21 years of life and all the ways that the Lord has worked in her life thus far.

383. Playing in the fountain with the babies.  

382. Credit card roulette and what are the odds. 

381. Night out at Brixx... a night that makes me want to never ever ever leave college. 

380. All-Area Club with some wonderful high school friends and hilarious games and skits.

379. A house full of roommates, teammies, and besties. 

378. Tripp & Sam dropping everything to go get Kaitlin.

377. The Lord's protection over Kaitlin during her accident on the way home & for found jean shorts. 

376. Open Eye coffee date with Kaitlin. 

375. Watching Dawson's Creek the night before my last two exams... going out of college with a bang.

374. Boldness. 

373. Scavenger hunts and water guns.

372. Driving around in the back of pick up truck singing Wagon Wheel and Let Me Take You Out with the best teammies. 

371. East team girls dinner date.  

370. Cherry Smash from Sutton's on a Saturday afternoon. 

369. Patagonia catalog in the mail. 

368. Sloan, Michigan friend, in NC for a job fair... first stop: Cook Out milkshakes. 

367. Reunion dinner with the freshman suite HJ 906 to celebrate graduating and Katie's engagement.

366. The time Tripp cut Anna's bangs on accident... while driving... hilarious phone calls and minor freakouts.

365. Spontaneous visit from Kaitlin and Tripp while studying. 

364. 2 Chronicles 20... read it, today. 

363. Renewed hope in the One who has come to save the world. 

362. Dawson's Creek... blast from the past and the most perfect distraction from school work.

361. Sweet notes and gifts from Bri on one of the hardest of days. 

360. One of the last dates to Yopo with Syd and Erin. 

359. Frontier Airlines coming to the Greenboro airport with direct flights from Greensboro to Denver for cheap. Why, yes please. 

358. Sacrificial gift exchange gem... new shoes.
357. McAlister's tea surprise from Jen. 

356. Reading this at the most perfect time: "No matter what trial rocks your house or what crisis erupts within it, ask the God of your house to stand up and show Himself mighty. He along builds a house that cannot be moved. At the beginning of today's less I promised a reminder of what makes life in this broken world continually worth it: the God of the house of God. That's what." -Beth Moore, The Patriarchs Bible study. 

355. Comfort color t-shirts. 

354. Carolina Girls Bible Study Cookbook from Amanda during our last party together. 

353. Waking up to muffin art from Sarah before my art history exam. 

352. Dance parties at 1:30AM to re-energize the art history studying. 

351. Exploring new coffee shops in old garages.

350. Open Eye Cafe study grind. 

349. Passing out donuts at East before school starts and good conversations with friends.

348. A house full of Young Life leaders.

347. "In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself interceded for us with groans that words cannot express." -Romans 8:26

346. International Justice Mission JUST MUSIC concert at Mrs. D's to raise money and awareness of human trafficking. A great organization, great friends, and great live music. 

345. Young Life end of the year cookout with all the leaders and committee.  

344. Elmo's for brunch with Katie. 

343. Todd Shake Your Bod Dance Party... last Mrs. D's dance party for my college career. 

342. McMansion LDOC Challenge: 10 points reached and home past 2am... SUCCESS. 

341. Cheerwine in a glass bottle. 

340. Last. Day. Of. Class. Ever. 

339. Reading books at the most perfect timing... Today is Shauna Niequist's Bittersweet... her thoughts on change, grace, and learning the hard way. 

338. Kidnapping the teammies for a night adventure. 

337. Hearing Cornell speak at Every Nation and overjoyed by how passionate he is about the Lord.

336. TCBY date with Annie, Mara Kate (her most precious 5 month old daughter), and the kiddos. 

335. Lunch at ECHHS with some wonderful friends. 

334. Planners to keep life organized. 

333. Honest words of a friend.

332. Words of encouragement at our last Bible study... most wonderful groups of ladies for the past three years. 

331. Peaceful mornings at Caribou finishing papers and spending time with the Lord. 

330. Homework is always better with friends and teammates at Blue Kenan. 

329. Singing "Let Me Take You Out" with the teammies around the fire.

328. Being blown away by the number of East students at the bonfire. 

327. East YL bonfire to celebrate the graduating seniors... have seen them grow over the last 4 years and am blown away by the work the Lord has done in their lives. 

326. Unexpected time to allow for last minute paper writing. 

325. Last Monday of school ever. Ohh emmm geee. 

324. Day trip to Charlotte for my cousin's baby shower... the excitement of new life is beautiful and delightful. 

323. Maps. 

322. Worshiping the Lord in East Chapel Hill High School for church every Sunday. 

321. Best friends that know exactly what I am thinking and grab my hand at just the right time. 

320. Thrift store sweaters and jorts. 

319. North Carolina back road driving with country music blasting. 

318. "This is hope, this is grace, Jesus in my place."

317. McMansion music video starring Spicy Scarlet, Indy-P Princess, Puppy Love, Joutfit-Jbaby, and NaughtyNeon... to be featured on this blog soon. 

316. Brightleaf Square. 

315. Making funny faces at dinner with McMansion. 

314. The Lord's relentless pursuit of our hearts. 

313. McMansion lunch date to Top of the Hill with Jen's momma. 

312. Needtobreathe Pandora station.

311. Rain that has washed the pollen away and soothes me to sleep. 

310. Coming home to a house full of high schoolers when Trinity YL has a game night here. 

309. The time that Kaitlin suggested that our team song be "Let Me Take You Out." Epic jam sessions.

308. Much needed coffee date with Amanda. 

307. Last leadership of my college Young Life career... thankful for Macon speaking about me and for all of the people there supporting the seniors. We've been at this leading thing together since 2009.

306. Spring Fest at East... fun times, fun friends, so much goodness.

305. Georgia McCoy: a junior at East who is wise beyond her years. Can't wait for her to be a YL leader one day.

304. Unexpected e-mail from a reader of my blog, so incredibly blessed by your prayers and encouragement. 

303. Late night date outing to Qdoba with Jen... chips & queso for the win. 

302. Giggles as Brandon attempts to reverse out of Anna's driveway. 

301. East girl's lacrosse game with Anna and Macon.

300. Afternoon walk home with Tripp and time to catch up on the porch. 

299. Bell tower climb... senior traditions. 

298. Freshman year throwback to breakfast at the Top of Lenoir with Jen & Syd. 

297. Coming home to Jen watching Duck Dynasty. 

296. Walks past the hospital and through campus with Baby Ayers as we live and process life together. 

295. Two and half hour long dinner and front porch sitting with Paige, the high school bestie. 

294. Sweetest apology letter from Olivia for not cooperating. 

293. Cherry coke. 

292. Spring scarves.

291. Tears that say more than words sometimes. 

290. Art history research paper = COMPLETE (by the grace of God). 

289. The Lord is faithful, He will do it. 

288. Olivia's new found fascination with inch worms. 

287. A friend to cry beside and a friend to do homework beside.

286. Blog posts like this one reminding me of our deep need for the Lord's sufficient grace.

285. Monday texts from Katie asking for prayer requests. 

284. Steam from a piping hot cup of coffee. 

283. "It's in the blood of the One who is worthy. I know that God has not forgotten all that is lost and broken. For how could He who did not spare His own son, not give freely give us victory against the darkest of nights?"

282. Awkward slow dance to the max. Thank you, Tacky Prom club. 

281. Jesus is Immanuel, "God with us." 

280. Baby Ayers showing up on my front porch the moment she realizes that I am in fact graduating. 

279. Judgement free zone jam sessions with the kitch snitches. Blast from the past music making a get low comeback. 

278. SONIC. 

277. Official house photo shoot 2013. We all survived, let Him be praised! 

276. "Praise is befitting to the One who died." -Will Reagan & the United Pursuit

275. The simple question that is so counter-intuitive to our society: "How can I best serve you today?"

274. Afternoon spent lounging in the arboretum. 

273. Simplicity of the Art Library. 

272. New Lime restaurant on Franklin Street... outdoor seating, good food, great ice, and fun atmosphere... minus the music, umm... the Thong Song as I enjoy the afternoon? Okay, maybe, that's fun?

271. Old memories and heart-felt laughter. 

270. Party planning and table decorations. 

269. Boojiest dinner party the McMansion has ever thrown with all of the wonderful College Life girls from our freshmen days. 

268. Unexpected letters. 

267. Conversations in the car with the teammates to and from the high school for lunch. 

265. The pouring rain that washes away the pollen. 

264. Watching a documentary for class on teenagers and their faith in God. Okay, yes. That is everything that I would love to learn about. 

263. Quiz being cancelled on just the right day. 

262. Summer shoe lovin'.

261. Running into Paige and Walker at Tru my one evening out... love friends that have known me since the days of middle school.

260. Jen's company in my room as I take on this thing called school work. 

259. Campaigners on fear... O God, you did not give us a spirit of fear. 

258. "Jesus says, 'Follow me. I am going to take you to places that will make you say, 'Why in the world are you taking me there?' Even then, I WANT YOU TO TRUST ME.'" -Tim Keller 

257. Class moved outside for the day. Why thank you, kind professor.

256. Free t-shirts on campus. 

255. Tulips blooming on McCauley. 

254. Useless knowledge gained from other coffee shop dwellers in the wee morning hours. 

253. Macon Thornton- her intense pursuit of Jesus, willingness to listen, and obedience to all that the Lord has called her to.

252. Needtobreathe... fan-freaking-tastic. Ellie singing with Needtobreathe... ahhh-freaking-mazing.

251. Drew and Ellie Holcomb opening for Needtobreathe.  

250. Dinner with new friends and old friends.

249. Max working on science experiments and extracting strawberry DNA. 

248. Waffle Cone Wednesday date with Syd and the kiddos. 

247. New public library has opened in Chapel Hill. 

246. Lists to denote "Things I Have to Do," "Things I Am Blessed to Do," and "Things I Want to Do" all in the next two weeks. 

245. High school girl's excitement from being asked to prom. 

244. So. Much. Sunshine. 

243. Back to Bagels on the Hill before school with East ladies. 

242. Sounds and feels like summer nights outside. 

241. Bible Study field trip to Maple View. 

240. Starbucks iced caramel macchiato = best hot day treat.

239. #enditmovement SLAVERY STILL EXISTS. We are in it to END IT. We are shining a light on the 27 million people enslaved.

238. Oh hey, summer heat, I'm trying to enjoy you before I move to the icebox. 

237. Classical music in Starbucks. 

236. The mailman on McCauley still delivers the mail to each door. What a sweet small town tradition. 

235. Rich conversation before club on Psalm 86. 

234. A/C unit for the bedroom when the heat begins to rise to the third floor. 

233. The vacuum cleaner that so wonderfully vacuumed up all of the sprinkles post-club. 

232. Birthday Party Club... so much birthday love and so much frosting.

231. Max & Olivia teaching me a new game. 

230. ECHHS is back in school after Spring Break... so many wonderful faces and back to Monday lunches. 

229. McMansion porch conversations. 

228. "Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name." -Psalm 86:11  // David's powerful words. 

227. Polar Pops = deal + remind me of the bestie and the piece of my heart that resides in Indiana.

226. And even after I leave a wonderful weekend with the best teammies, I get to return home to a house with the best roommates.

225. The entire East Chapel Hill Young Life team weekend vacay to the lake = canoeing, jumping off the dock full clothed, bonfire, cinnamon rolls, dance parties galore, blasting T-Sweezy, pillow talk, Kaitlin Shinn Body-Body antics, sunset, banjo, cookie dough, and so much laughter. 

224. Taco Bell pit stop for the East team road trip.

223. Amanda Tracy is back in the United States... best.

222. Anthropologie apron. 

221. Celebration pancakes = funfetti cake mix + extra sprinkles + icing = BEST.

220. Last McMansion pancake night ever for this class of McMansioners... so many friends, good memories, and laughs. 

219. Life Rule #194: A good hostess never runs out of pancakes. 

218. Walk around the big loop with muh gurl Jen. 

217. Waffle Cone Wednesday with Melissa... the best. 

216. Lattes under twinkle lights like these. 

215. Coffee date and video adventure with Anna to Cafe Driade.

214. Mara Kate, the most adorable baby. 

213. Visiting College Life lunch and catching up with Annie Brown. 

212. Tuesday Night Worship... post to come on this one. 

211. Brene Brown's TED talk on the power of vulnerability.

210. Leading Bible Study on shame and vulnerability. 

209. Taco Tuesday lunch with Ayers, Tripp, and Sam during said time I should be in class. 

208. Receiving a phone call from Baby Ayers to skip class with her as I'm entering class... I'm a senior and it's spring and beautiful outside... sooo.... 

207. Date night with the team. 

206. Sunset at Maple View. 

205. Walleyball with the team = everyone on the floor laughing in hysterics. We are so good. 

204. Straw Valley coffee date with Macon. 

203. Seventy degrees and sun shining. 

202. Shirts with sailboats on them... thank you, Sydney Jones' closet. 

201. Me: 1 Cockroach: 0--- Monday morning successes... Welcome to the McMansion life. 

200. Long walks with Miss Sarah Velten to end the mini Easter break. 

199. White dresses, the season has arrived. 

198. The resurrection and how it changes everything

197. Unexpected sleepover at BK, when the McMansion is getting just a wee bit creepy. 

196. Game of body-body at Blue Kenan. 

195. Afternoon naps. 

194. Karen's one liners... Mom, you can't say that. 

193. Fro-yo with the parentals.

192. Chipotle. 

191. New coffee shops in old train carts. 

190. Snuggle sesh with Anna to end a day.

189. Play date on the playground under the stars with Bri.

188. Maxi dresses. 

187. Dillo dinner date with the loveliest of high school girls. 

186. The bestie is at Crooked Creek and sending me pictures of my future home. Thankful that she'll have experienced the place I'll be living for a year. 

185. Sipping on coffee while still snuggled in my sheets as the sunlight creeps through the window. 

184. Dinner with Kate, high school bestie, half way between Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

183. Random afternoon in Jesse's Coffee Bar. 

182. Coming home to the McMansion to a homemade meal from Anna. 

181. ECHHS vs. CHHS girl's lacrosse game. WILDCAT VICTORY! 

180. When you step in my room it instantly smells like fresh flowers, I didn't realize I appreciated flowers this much until now. And they're all the pretty ones. 

179. "I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." -Jeremiah 33:6

178. The Lord is Healer. 

177. Anna laying on my floor for late night day catch-up sessions.

176. McDonald's run with Tripp & Sam after club. 

175. The team that makes me laugh, encourages me, jams out to Taylor Swift with me, and that will forever be in my heart. 

174. #SB2k13 YL Club.

173. Little shopping trip with mom. 

172. Surprise delivery of flowers today from the family I nanny for... feeling so loved. 

171. Lady Antebellum's new song: Downtown. 

170. Shine bright like a diamond. 

169. Kid's snack pack at the movies.

168. NCAA tournament bracket pools. 

167. Hours of conversations with best friends.

166. "Tears hollow out place in the heart where joy can grow. To be emptied is to create a place that can be filled."

165. Weekend in Concord at the Wong household. 

164. Tights with jean shorts. 

163. Fish and chips & private concert with Ed Sheeran before the show. 

162. RED Tour... T-Sweezy concert. 

161. iMessage allowing me to text Abby on the World Race and Kelly in Bolivia. 

160. We can be faithful, because the One who made us is faithful.

159. Birds chirping in the morning... spring is ready to be sprung. 

158. Monday night out at Brixx with the McMansion.

157. Georgia shouting to herself every morning before school: "I AM BEAUTIFUL. LIFE HAS A CRUSH ON ME." Yea girl, you go! 

156. Shag dancing with the team after club. 

155. Initiation for the new leaders at YL Club with clothespins being stuck to the face. 

154. Olivia got an Easy Bake Over for her birthday... can we say Betty Crocker in the making?

153. Being able to go back to lunch at East after a week away and seeing so many wonderful faces.

152. The Yogurt Pump with the team to share about Spring Break.

151. St. Patrick's Day. 

150. P.J. Hairston puts on for his city.... all for the 336. 

149. Weezy is still alive, y'all. 

148. Dairy Queen half time snack as UNC defeats Maryland... going to da ship, babyyyyy.

147. Jessica's 22nd birthday celebration. 

146. Kitchmates and forever friends.

145. Sunset beach adventuring.

144. Bronzing all day err' day with the bestest babes around. 

143. Reuniting with McMansion. 

142. Road trip down to Emerald Isle with Syd and Jen and stopping at Taco Bell. 

141. Indian food.

140. The opportunity to take a tour of the Hindu temple in Indianapolis.

139. Ethiopian food. 

138. Extra daylight. 

137. Sleeping over ten hours. 

136. Driving through northern Kentucky and the mountains of West Virginia while the sunset.

135. Tour of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with T.C., the official Rover. 

134. Date to Tex & Shirley's with Cole. 

133. "There isn't one great thing you were made to do. There is one great God you were made to glorify." -Emily P. Freeman 

132. The most intense rivalry in sports history.

131. Simple daily life time with the best friend.

130. Sunshine as I make the 10 hour drive from Chapel Hill, NC to Upland, IN. 

129. Spring break.

128. Early morning life talks in the McMansion as everyone procrastinates studying. 

127. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen cinnamon rolls. 

126. The Lord's overflowing grace. 

125. Mustard colored scarves. 

124. Taxi service provided by Jen for attending class on rainy days. 

123. Sharing my heart for justice and ending modern day slavery with high school girls.

122. Tuesday night meetings and planning with Bri. 

121. Jen returning from Iceland... been missing her. 

120. East team sleeping bad wrestling tournament... gettin' aggressive. 

119. Battle of the Sexes... girl domination. 

118. Driving into the most perfect sunsets down I-40. 

117. Walking around Carrboro with Danielle.

116. Lunch at Sutton's. 

115. UNC basketball domination. 

114. Carolina tradition... Old Well pictures.

113. Incredibly powerful sermons preached at church.

112. 24 hour visits from Danielle. 

111. Thirteen year-old little brother. 

110. Saturday East Chapel Hill girl's lacrosse games.

109. New book suggestions. First up: Grace for the Good Girl.

108. Bali Hai.

107. Going to dismissal at East and seeing so many wonderful faces. 

106. Coffee dates with Macon. 

105. Fonda... the honda. 

104. Class Google docs to study for midterms. 

103. Oreos. 

102. Max & Olivia still grabbing my hand to cross the street and to walk home from school.

101. Friends getting jobs for post-grad life.

100. The "Snowbelle" has arrived... Ready or not for the icebox and for skiing/snowboarding. #jokes? #butreally

99. Talking to high schoolers about our identity that is found in the Lord and how Scriptures define us. 

98. Open Eye lattes. 

97. "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." -1 John 4:18

96. "No eye has seen, no ear has hear, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." -1 Cor. 2:9

95. Taylor Swift's song "22" and 22nd birthdays. 

94. Bombarding Anna when the clock strikes midnight to wish her a happy 22nd birthday and to drag her to Waffle House for breakfast at midnight while dressed like hipsters. 

93. Having the opportunity to speak about Jesus at club to 50 awesome high school students. 

92. Interpretative dancing to the Circle of Life with the best Young Life team after Jungle Club. 

91. Burlap.

90. Sydney returns home from a weekend away. 

89. Walks with Baby Ayers. 

88. Videos from Sam and Tripp impersonating Kid President... The best new teammies. 

87. "Assured" series at The Summit Church. 

86. The first day of a new journal... theme word for new journal is "now." 

85. Buying flowers for the house just because. 

84. Night of southern comforts... shrimp & grits, sweet tea from mason jars, flowers, and really great cake.  

83. Random dance parties at East during lunch. 

82. Spending time in the Young Life office hanging out with the staff and baby Wyatt. 

81. East team GroupMe message antics.

80. Friends that make camp sell videos like this one. 

79. Third floor of McMansion. 

78. Hearing a close Young Life girl say that she wants to lead when she is in college. 

77. Meeting parents of Young Life girls who did Young Life in high school and can talk for hours about how it changed their life. 

76. Private Andrew Ripp concert for all the high schoolers in the Durham/Chapel Hill/Hillsborough area. 

75. A full house at the Young Life fundraising banquet.

74. Louie Giglio sermon on Psalm 37 and all that it reminds me of from this summer.

73. The infinite God who created us.

72. The idea of a to-don't list.

71. The Lord is the One who sees me (Genesis 16:13).

70. Patagonia 60% off sale. 

69. Sarah snorting with laughter as she learns that President Taft got stuck in a bathtub on the day of his inauguration. 

68. The Lord is God Most High.

67. Afternoon naps.

66. Two hour lunch dates with Georgia. 

65. Good cry in a movie.

64. Fresh laundry. 

63. Leggings.

62. Watching Duke lose while eating at iP3. 

61. Lunch in Greensboro with the family.

60. Visits to Dance Marathon at 3:00AM for an hour of dancing. 

59. East team sleepover. 

58. Psalm 33.

57. Team time with 8 other really wonderful people.

56. Hot and fresh Krispy Kreme donuts. 

55. Cuddling on the couch, talking about life, with high school girls.

54. "This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." -1 John 4:10

53. Knowing that St. Valentine is also the patron saint for beekeepers.

52. Valentine's Day breakfast prepared for McMansion by Jen. 

51. Carolina blue. 

50. Warm gooey brownies.

49. Random phone call from a sweet, sweet friend.

48. Bright yellow rain jacket. 

47. Bean boots on rainy days.

46. Tobacco Road Rivalry. 

45. Meetings full of deep, intense laughter with East girl leaders. 

44. East YL Group Me message.

43. Beth Moore Bible study on the Patriarchs... fan-freaking-tastic.

42. Running into new teammates on campus. 

41. Friends that seek justice. 

40. People that can laugh at themselves.

39. So Much Love in This Club, Club.

38. An extra auxiliary cord that magically appeared in my purse for my rental car. 

37. Jesus paid it all.

36. Power of prayer.

35. Really large and comfy sweatshirts.

34. The Grammys. 

33. New Will Reagan & United Pursuit CD.

32. Sushi boat... so much sushi. 

31. Young Life leader placement. 

30. Serving at the Summit.

29. Redbox. 

28. Chinese New Year and the year of the snake. 

27. Old, broken window with so much crafting potential.

26. French bakery. 

25. Play dates with Allison, one of my summer staffers from TWL. 

24. The Lord's perfect provision. 

23. New books.

22. Barnes & Noble.

21. Dinner parties with new friends. 

20. Night of catching up with Nancy, our freshman College Life leader.

19. Letters. 

18. E-mails from friends abroad. 

17. Friends who have a heart for the world.

16. Rain falling on the McMansion roof. 

15. Honest conversations. 

14. The Lord's love for adoption and His perfect provision. Watch this.

13. Lunch in the Resource class at East. 

12. Early morning Bible Study with wonderful ECHHS girls.

11. Girl Scout cookies.

10. Time with Amanda Tracy.

9. Hipster Young Life club with the best team ever.  

8. Super Bowl parties with friends and home cooked bbq.

7. Carnival lights.

6. Getting dressed up just because. 

5. Back roads that lead to the middle of nowhere.

4. Laughing until the tears are flowing until the wee hours of the morning with some of the best friends.

3. Sunflowers. 

2. Waking up to the sun rising, not an alarm clock. 

1. Random phone conversations with far away best friends. 

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  1. I found you for your word art...but saw this "gratitude" page and clicked. Yes, St. Val the Urban Monastic (who is also St. Val the Eccentric) needs a "gratitude" page. Hope you're having a glorious time in Colorado. My former pastor's grandfather started Young Life, it's a great ministry. Blessings :)