Friday, September 27, 2013

The Right Kind of "Yes"

There was a time in my life when I had to learn to say "no." I had to learn to not over commit and to not say "yes" to every single thing asked of me.

And while there was a season in life of learning to say "no," these days I want to say "yes", not to every single thing, but to some things.

I want to be a person that says "yes" to the beautiful things, that breathe life into my soul, and that draw me closer to Jesus.

I want to say yes to sitting on roofs and gazing at the stars because I believe the stars speak to the Lord's impeccable beauty in creation.

I want to say yes to buying plane tickets to visit best friends because I believe that sometimes a hug, face-to-face conversations, and play dates are worth it.

I want to say yes to crying because I believe tears do not mean we are weak, but that we do in fact feel something.

I want to say yes to spontaneity because I believe we are not meant to live with such rigid schedules.

I want to say yes to dancing in the rain because it is freeing and reminds me that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

I want to say yes to dinner parties because I believe life is found over the table.

I want to say yes to coffee every single time because it reminds me to slow down and it warms the deepest parts of my soul.

I want to say yes to things that scare me because I believe that the God of the universe drives out fear and that His angels encamp around me.

I want to say yes to the late night phone calls because I believe the person on the other end deserves it.

I want to say yes to adventuring, hiking, exploring, and camping because I believe in the outdoors challenges that I am drawn closer to Jesus.

I want to say yes to sweatpants because I believe they bring rest to your body and your soul.

I want to say yes to road trips because I believe cars are meant to be driven and cities are meant to be explored.

I want to say yes to difficult conversations because I believe communication is necessary all the time.

I want to say yes to playing on playgrounds and swinging on swings because I believe you are never too old for a good swing set or playground.

I want to say yes to vulnerability because I know that we are designed for connection.

I want to say yes to interpretative dancing because it always makes for an enjoyable time and "The Circle of Life" insists upon dancing.

I want to say yes to snowboarding because I want to learn something new and to embrace my inner bro #jokes.

I want to say yes to girls' nights because I believe as females we need one another, to encourage, to pray, to giggle, to process, and to fight for one another as believers.

I want to say yes to Jesus every single time. 

There is beauty in saying "yes" and there is beauty in saying "no." But for right now, I am going to work on saying "yes."

Because for me saying "yes" is what I need and what is drawing me closer to the Lord. Saying "yes" to the whimsy things in life, to the things that deserve to be taken in slowly, and to the things that make this life just a little bit sweeter.

Here's to practicing the "yes" life...

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